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Linking enterprise computing to everyone's responsibility.

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KMB 360: an Ecosystem Software

KMB 360 is an Ecosystem Software which links the power of your IT system to the needs of each professional in a company.

KMB 360 harnesses the existing power of your IT systems (ERP, CRM, EDMS, collaborative software...), which has been developed and deployed over the years.

KMB 360 brings to users what they need, when they need it.

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KMB 360 : the Ecosystem software for human ecosystem

Benefits for users

Benefits for the companies


Performance : no more dispersion of information. Efficiency and productivity for everyone


Flexibility : intuitive real-time or out of sync collaboration, collective intelligence

Adaptability / context...

Adaptation/context : a customized contextual workspace

Using tools...

using tools : much more user-friendly, simple and intuitive


Maintenance : no more efforts of maintenance


Flexibility : deployment of services necessary for everyone in the context of its responsibilities


ROI : profitability of the IS and IT investments

Using applications...

Using applications: universal interface